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Supporting frontline healthcare clinicians and workers, anywhere anytime, with a simple solution. beHub is a single, integrated platform, available 24/7, dedicated to delivering the latest 'how-to-use' product insights, technical data, training, and educational resources, at the bedside.

What People are Saying about beHub

beHub gives me and my team visibility that every clinician is fully trained on our new device. It provides robust oversight for both the medical device company, hospital and their clinicians, to ensure that this collaborative approach ensures a positive experience for all parties involved, where compliance is effortlessly achieved. beHub is the choice that makes introducing new medical equipment into hospitals a smooth and seamless journey, where training is completed to everyone's satisfaction."

Medical Device Manufacturer

"beHub will help support us with meeting the National Standards."

Clinical Governance Manager @ Regional Hospital

"This is going to give me back hours each week, hours spent looking for information on products."

National Clinical Products Manager @ Regional Health Service

"I wish I had something like this when I was a new grad, life would have been so much easier."

Theatre Nurse

"beHub offers a real end-to-end solution when getting information out to all our end-users."

Medical Device Marketing Manager

"After 20 years of nursing, I can't count how many times I've had to tackle new devices or products on shifts, unprepared. Thank you, beHub! This is a game-changer for nurses, putting information right at our fingertips."

ICU Nurse

"Having this product information readily accessible for our staff across all our aged care facilities through beHub makes me wonder, why haven't we had this incredible resource before?"

Clinical Governance Director (Aged Care)

"Starting a new job with access to all the medical device information through beHub would have been a game-changer for me. It could have saved me a lot of embarrassment during my first year of nursing."

Registered Nurse

beHub is a breakthrough in the way medical product, education and training information is delivered. beHub supports:



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