Empowering your products and engaging with your customers.

beHub makes it easier for medical product suppliers to keep frontline medical staff up-to-date on the proper use of their equipment.

What’s the benefit of beHub for medical equipment manufacturers?

Direct support for all your customers and end-users

Providing thorough, in-service training to medical staff and disseminating product information to all your clients can be a challenge – especially in remote rural and regional locations. Clinicians are busy, and your sales team can often find themselves fielding the same questions over and over.

beHub supports your sales team by communicating product changes and up-to-date information on all your products directly to the people who use them.

Supports the correct use of your equipment and medical devices

Whether it’s due to lack of training or time pressures, the consequences of someone using your product incorrectly can be serious.

Incorrect use of a device may lead users to perceive it to be faulty or ineffective. This could damage your reputation as a high-quality supplier and risk future business. At worst, it could put a patient’s health at risk.

By giving clinicians anytime access to product training and education modules, you can support compliance and give users the confidence to operate your products safely.

Once-only upload of product updates to all your customers

beHub gives you the opportunity to provide all your product information in one, central location. Once uploaded, clinicians in participating medical facilities have access to the latest advice and product information – available anytime.

Provides real feedback on user experience

beHub gives you feedback on which product information hospitals are accessing. This can be helpful when assessing whether you need to allocate customer service and sales resources.

What can you upload to beHub??


How beHub works for medical equipment manufacturers

Get in touch and find out how beHub can support your clients, your sales team and your reputation as a quality supplier.

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