Improving workflows, safety and reducing risk.

When you think about all the medical equipment and devices in your hospital, it’s no wonder staff struggle to keep up-to-date with each one.

Of course, frontline healthcare staff are no strangers to technology. But in their busy, pressured working environment, searching for product information on unfamiliar equipment or devices can be hit or miss.


beHub supports you and your healthcare personnel by:

Minimising risk and increasing patient safety

The consequences of misusing medical devices and equipment can be dire. beHub gives medical personnel easy access to up-to-date how-to-use information, helping to prevent adverse incidents and keeping patients safe.

Enhancing training and education support

For new graduates or others returning to the workforce, missing an in-service on a new machine could put patients at risk. Plus, in rural and regional areas, coordinating product training can be difficult.

beHub increases user confidence. It reduces the risk of a product not being used properly, and helps to ensure patient safety.

Monitoring staff progress

Keeping track of the education and training progress of all your medical staff can be difficult. beHub provides automatic record-keeping. It enables you to track the progress of clinician training and help you allocate resources, for specific learning activities to individuals where needed.

Keeping product updates all in one place

With beHub, you’ll receive instant device and product information updates from suppliers. This cuts out the need to coordinate updates with each individual supplier.

Making effective use of your medical equipment investment

Hospital management have peace of mind knowing that you’re supporting all staff in the use of the specialised equipment you’ve purchased.

Find out how beHub can help your healthcare personnel keep up-to-date with all the medical devices and equipment in your hospital.

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