Clinicians learning with IV drip

Bite-sized Brilliance: Balancing Learning Academies and Modular Education in the Medical Device Industry

In today’s rapidly advancing medical landscape, the collaboration between hospitals and medical device companies plays a vital role in delivering superior patient care.

Since the dawn of medical devices, companies have conducted in-services at hospitals and healthcare facilities, with their representatives delivering on-site training and education to healthcare professionals. These sessions often included enticing perks such as afternoon tea to engage and reward front-line staff.

Supporting face-to-face in-services, online education academies offered by medical device companies have emerged as a response to the evolving learning landscape and the need for flexible, accessible, and interactive educational resources. These academies typically provide a comprehensive platform where healthcare professionals can access a wide range of educational materials, courses, and resources related to specific medical devices or therapeutic areas.

These academies require significant investment in terms of content creation, instructional design, technology infrastructure, and ongoing updates. Despite the resources allocated, the reach of these academies may be limited, grabbing only a small percentage of the population of healthcare professionals.

While some healthcare professionals and organisations may engage with these comprehensive learning academies regularly, others may have limited time or prefer more concise educational formats. This can result in a potential missed opportunity for medical device companies to reach a larger group of their customers.

In a world of bite-sized learning, it is crucial for medical device companies to recognise the changing learning preferences and adapt their educational offerings accordingly. By offering a variety of educational formats, including both extensive learning academies and bite-sized modules, companies can cater to the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.

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